4 Sexual Problems Every Woman Face

If you’re a guy reading this, then you must understand that sometimes, her lack of zest in the bedroom has nothing to do with you. Here are 4 sexual problems that affect all women.

1. Lack of sexual zest:
I had this discussion with a lady friend yesterday and it bothered on how it is much more easier for women to be celibate because sometimes, their minds have a way of tuning out sex.
For women, desire grows lower with age so you have a woman in her 50s or 60s who is not really interested in sex as she used to be when she was much younger.

2. Lubrication Issues:
It is really common for a woman to have problems with getting wet down there. It can be caused by dehydration, medical prescriptions etc. It is combated by using oils to lubricate down there.

3. Orgasm Difficulties:
Not a lot of women are wont to orgasm. Some have never even had sexual release before. You have to be patient if you’re dating a woman like this.

4. Painful sex:
This is also called dyspareunia and it correlates with having difficult orgasm.


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