Couples: See The Best Ways To Keep Trust From Destroying Your Relationship

Trust issue is a very big relationship killer and it sometimes exists when there should be no reason for distrust but when you have a free heart and a clear conscience, it will be very easy to be free of trust issues.

Lack of trust in your partner could create problems where they don’t exist which is why you need to be wary of trust issues and its dangers even though it might seem like an ordinary thing but it isn’t really so.

Below are some ways you can keep trust issues away from your mind.

Forget about your past experience: “A major reason people have trust issues are because they bring the hurts and pains from their previous relationship into their current relationship and when this happens, you would misjudge a lot of situations and harbour distrust when there shouldn’t so forget about your past relationship and handle your relationship based on the present partner you have and you see on ground”.

Communicate: “Communication can solve a lot of problems in many relationships and marriages today but it’s taken for granted, consider what makes you to distrust others, search your thoughts and ask yourself why you don’t trust then tell your partner how you really feel, and there would be better understanding between the both of you”. Trust issues can really be solved by communication.

Avoid unnecessary suspicion: “Suspicion is another critical factor that should be considered if you want to solve your trust issues, avoid just being suspicious of your partner, avoid putting 2+2 together as people would always say have discernment and not be suspicious of everything your partner does”.

Set ground rules: “Set certain ground rules on how things should be; let there be set boundaries too, have a personal relationship with your partner, and be friends with each other and watch your trust issues gradually diminish when you do this”.

Give trust to get trust: “Trust should be a two-way street; it should be given and received, when it’s one-sided, there could be a problem so give your partner that trust and don’t harbour trust issues until it’s broken, don’t enter a relationship with issues of trust from the onset; it wouldn’t be worth it which is why you ought to give your heart to someone you can trust”.

Give your partner space: “Don’t just choke your partner; let them live their life too, the fact you have a relationship with each other shouldn’t mean you can’t have some space and do your own thing so give them that much-needed space; this is important if you want to curb the trust issues in your life”.

Avoid suspicious habits: “Habits, like checking your partner’s phone to find something, tracing their whereabouts, snooping, monitoring their calls etc could create distrust, and when these habits are part of you, you would always have trust issues, irrespective of whether your partner is trustworthy or not”.


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